Shorinji Kempo Essence

Shorinji Kempo is a discipline for training mind and body, it is a Martial Art in the original meaning of the word ' Budô '. Shorinji Kempo as the physical expresion of the Kongo Zen philosophy are desighed to benefit the three aspects of self defense, spiritual develop and the improvement of health.

Shorinji Kempo begin from consider that the person must to face up to the problems and setbacks, on the same way that against the fortune or the happiness. Its approximation to the day life do not consist in doing the things perfectly, on the contrary to do any action puting our full heart on it and linving each moment in full manner.


Shorinji Kempo has six main characteristics:

Body and mind are the same -Ken Zen Ichi Nyo

The meaning of 'Ken' is about body or action and 'Zen' is spirit or serenity. Shorinji Kempo afirmm that only a body training or the training only with the mind forgeting the body, can not produce a balance man or woman.


Strength and love stand together - Riki Ai Funi

To have wonderfull ideals or unsurpassable proyects, is not enough if we have not the necessary strength to do it, to going out for passivity, most of times full of laments, and do what we think is right. In the other hand, in the phisical side or about the self defense, the strength of the power without the compassion it is only the way for the brutality.

Defense first, attack after - Shu Shu Kojyu

This is a very important principle, first of all for its moral value and only after for the strategic advantages of the defense. To resolve a conflict with punches is terrible error. The peacefulness and self-confidence of a person that control any situation and a right reasoning, can resolve a dispute without the use of the strength. Shorinji Kempo only must be used in the last moment, when there is no any other way and only to defend a fair reason, but even in this case it is not allowed to the kenshi to hit the first blow.

Protect people withour injury - Fusatsu Katsujin

The Shorinji Kempo training, as a Budô discipline, can not teach to destroy the human being, but to allow to feel good throught its practise, with the self-develop as the only way to compare the development. In Shorinji Kempo the truly important thing is 'ikken tasho', 'a fist who help'. Moreover the Shorinji Kempo is very effective as a method for stop the violence and was designed to immobilize an adversary without any irremediable or disproportionate damage.

Hard and soft work only together - Go Ju Ittai

In Judo there is a saying: 'Gentleness overcomes hardness', wich teaches that soft techniques ('Juho') can overcome hard ones ('Goho'), with teaches that soft techniques can overcome hard ones. However, it is only the first line of the original couplet, a Chinese saying with also taught that 'Hardness crushes gentleness' Shorinji Kempo takes this two systems of hard and soft techniques combines them. Hardness and softness are parts of a whole way of using the body. united ad indivisible. When learning a fighting systems, both hard and soft elements should be cobined. Using only hard or only soft thechniques, situations will inevitably arise where you will not be able to handle an opponent´s attack.

Shorinji Kempo has more than 600 techniques wich use both hardness ('Go': stricks, kicks, hammers, slashes, etc.) and softness movements ('Ju': joint reverses, throws, pins, etc.). This technics includes all the posible ways of defense, to any real life situation.

Pair work in fundamental - Kumite Shutai

There is no competition in Shorinji Kempo, cooperation between partners is essential. Just as the partner you are training with is not an enemy, practice is not simply a matter of overwhelming her or him. Only by working together can both make progress.