Technical System

The Shorinji Kempo has three kind or systems of technics:

- The Goho system or hard technics, comprised all technics with a positive use of the strength and includes blows (strickes, hammers, cutting, kicks, reaping, etc.), avoids and all kinds of defenses.

- The Juho system compised the 'soft technics', it means, all the actions with a no positive use of the strength and includes technics from the simple escapes to throws, pins, chokes, arrests, etc.

However, both systems are not independent and they works together, therefore that it is imposible to not found Juho movements in a Goho technic and vice versa. As well both kinds of technics are based on the same principles and standard movements.


- The third Seiho system, however is created from a group of traditional therapeutics method based on massages.

In Shorinji Kempo, is not necesary to harden the hands or feet, because you will learn to strike body vital points, who not requires an extraordinary strength. Moreover when you strikes with your fist, not only your arm stregth is necesary, but the stregth of all the body is concentrated on it. So in each strike involve a precise movements of each part of the body, and not only your arm. In this way anybody with a 'normal' body constitution can do an efective strike.

La efficiency of Shorinji Kempo technics do not depend of the strength or the heigth, moreover are based on the knowledge and aplication of rational, scientific and medical principles. So people of any sex, body constitution, heigth or strength can protect themselves efficiently.