Our club is legally registered as sport club no.2353 in Murcia Regional Goverment. Integrated inside Shorinji Kempo Spanish Federation and recognized by World Shorinji Kempo organization.

World Shorinji Kempo Organization

Spanish Shorinji Kempo Federation

Shorinji Kempo Cartagena Club was founded in may 2004 by Juan Luis Escot in Cartagena Town, on the southwest of Spain.

Juan luis Escot is Shorinji Kempo Yondan Seikenshi. He started Shorinji Kempo in 1985, in the town of Seville under master Enrique Reina Sensei and John Merling King, the introducer of Shorinji Kempo in Spain and his deshi Alberto Casado Daikenshi Godan. He teaches Shorinji Kempo from 1995 as instructor.





To attend our trainings or for more information, please contact to:

Juan Luis Escot

+ 34 629 740514

or byEmail

Also in our Gym in class time.

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